Private Interest Foundations in Panama

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Private Interest Foundations were originally created in Liechtenstein, as a new legal entity that brings together the benefits of the Trusts, for asset management; with the practicality of the Corporations, for its legal existence and structure.

The Private Interest Foundations (P.I.F.) were created in Panama by Law 25 of June 12th, 1995, and since then, they have become a great legal instrument both for holding and protecting assets.

Panama Private Interest Foundations cannot engage in commercial businesses, although it may own investments such as real estate, company’s stocks, or bank accounts.

Our law firm has long experience forming Private Interest Foundations for our clients, either to hold real estate, company’s shares, brokerage accounts or bank accounts in Panama, as well as in other countries.


  • By Law, the Private Interest Foundation’s assets are not subject of being sequestered by acts of its founder, board members or beneficiaries
  • Great for Family Assets’ structures
  • It is a combination of a foreign trust and a foreign company
  • Differently from a Corporation, the Private Interest Foundation has no owner, but a founder (the granter) and the beneficiary (the grantee)

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