Concession of Marine Bottom for use of Dociliary Pier Before The Lamp in Panama


Since 2019, Resolution J.D. 010-2019 was enacted, which recognized house pier concessions as special processes within the Concessions Department of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

Concessions may be requested for a maximum period of 10 years renewable for the same term.

According to Chapter VIII, “Of the domiciliary piers”:

Article 36: The existence of docks and piers for private or family use, without profit purposes, located in insular, lake or lake areas is recognized, which, for the purposes of these regulations, shall be called domiciliary piers.

Article 37: The Panama Maritime Authority shall authorize the construction of house docks, upon request of the interested party.

Requirements to request a concession

  1. Complete data of the applicant, namely: personal identity card number, domicile and physical address, telephone numbers, e-mail address.
  2. Purpose of the concession (dock for family use).
  3. Affidavit stating that the dock is for private and non-profit use.
  4. Requested area with its boundaries.
  5. Term of the concession.
  6. Amount of investment and investment schedule.
  7. 2 x 2 feet footprint, signed by a qualified professional and the legal representative of the applicant.

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