COVID-19 Vaccination Registration in Panama

General Information

The National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG), from February 12, 2021, enabled the COVID-19 vaccination application registry for foreigners in Panama.

Steps to register

  1. Enter to Vacunas Panama Solidario
  2. Select as appropriate:
    • For permanent residents, temporary residents, or those in the process of residency: foreigners who already have the registration stamp of the National Immigration Service (SNM) stamped in their passport or Panama Resident ID, must select the option “Foreigner with Affiliation Number.”
    • For foreigners without registration: foreigners who do not yet have a registration stamp from the National Migration Service must select the option “Foreigner without affiliation number”
  3. Complete the form with the requested information.

We recommend that you continue to follow the security measures established by the Panamanian Ministry of Health and that you stay informed of any further updates from the Panamanian authorities regarding COVID-19. You can also follow our Twitter feed to stay up to date with Panamanian news, including COVID-19.

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