Conversion of Right of Possession to Property Title in Panama


In Panama, there is a law that allows people to have possession of land owned by the State in order to make improvements to it.

This law is known as the Law of Possession Rights.

Through time and its changes, this law has allowed holders of the Rights of Possession of Property in Panama to convert these into deeds that can be registered in the Public Registry of Panama.

At Kraemer & Kraemer we can assist you with the process before the National Land Administration Authority (ANATI) for the Conversion of Possession Rights to Property Titles.


  1. The client signs a special power of attorney granted to an attorney for the processing of the title.
  2. Payment of 50% of the Fees for the initiation of the process.
  3. Coordination of ownership documents, certificates, surveys, and any other documents necessary to submit the title application to ANATI.
  4. ANATI performs inspections of the property subject to title for the approval of the plan.
  5. ANATI (National Land Authority) will issue the Title Resolution.
  6. The public notice will be announced in 3 newspapers.
  7. The Public Deed of Title will be issued at the Public Registry.

Processing time

The titling process can take between 6 months and 12 months, assuming that all requirements and documentation have been submitted in a timely manner and there is no objection process against the application.

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