Ciudad del Saber in Panama


Panama is an attractive destination for investors thanks to the laws and regulations that allow companies to establish operations in special areas which provide many unique fiscal, migratory, and labor incentives, also known as special regimes.

Ciudad del Saber was created by Law 6 of February 10th of 1998, as a knowledge platform to focus on enhancing the innovative and competitive capacities of users in this area.

This community includes academic organizations, technology companies and non-governmental organizations. The complex is run by the Ciudad del Saber Foundation, a private non-profit organization created in 1995.

This special-regime area has laws and regulations allowing local and foreign investors to establish companies in the area with the objectives of developing different kinds of activities and of promoting international trade, manufacturing and complimentary services.

The international companies and organizations established in Ciudad del Saber focus on information and telecommunication technologies (TICs), biosciences, environmental studies, human development, global services, business management and entrepreneurial culture.


Organizations operating in Ciudad del Saber enjoy benefits such as:

  • Quality infrastructure
  • Telecommunications, computer and educational technology services
  • Complementary services of accommodation and food
  • Sports and recreational facilities
  • Access to the main centers of higher education and scientific research in the country

Also, activities affiliated within Ciudad del Saber are exempt from:

  • Import taxes
  • Taxes to remittances or transfers abroad
  • Good and services transfer tax
  • Local direct taxes in its capital, including taxes on patents and licenses
  • Income taxes, if the organization produces, assembles or processes high technology products

Besides, organizations that establish operations in Ciudad del Saber enjoy special Immigration and labor incentives. For example, special visas for foreign employees of affiliate companies and for their families, and the ability to hire foreign personnel necessary to carry out the work of the company.

Becoming a member

The initial step to become a member of Ciudad del Saber requires filling an online form in The form requires information about the applicant, such as common and legal name, website, purpose, establishment year, activities, goals, and reasons to be part of Ciudad del Saber.

Once the application is submitted, the application is reviewed and next steps are communicated to the applicant.

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