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About the Short Term Visa for Remote Workers

The short-term visa for remote workers or digital nomads was created by Executive Decree 198 on May 7, 2021. The main purpose of this visa, of the Non-Resident category, is to encourage tourism for telecommuting travelers.

To access this visa the person must comply with the following requirements:

  • To have a contract with a foreign company of transnational character. That is to say, to be a self-employed worker in telework modality.
  • To perform functions that affect abroad.
  • To have income from abroad with an annual amount of at least 36,000 balboas or its equivalent in another currency.

Once granted, this short-term visa as a remote worker is valid for 9 months, extendable for the same period. It will also allow the person to work in teleworking mode within Panama and not require additional paperwork or obtaining a permit from another state entity.

Remote Worker or Digital Nomad Visa Processing

In addition to meeting the above requirements, the following must be met in order to apply for this visa:

  1. Fill out the corresponding form in which it is mentioned that the applicant assumes the costs of return or repatriation to his/her country of origin or destination, if necessary.
  2. Three passport size photographs.
  3. Copy of the medical insurance of the applicant which must be valid in Panama and during the time of stay of the person.
  4. Proof of the existence of the foreign company in the place where it is registered.
  5. Letter on company letterhead, signed by the legal representative, where it is mentioned the applicant’s general data, positions, and functions, monthly income, work modality (remote), the commitment to assume the expenses of return or repatriation in case of being necessary.
  6. Sworn declaration of non-acceptance of a job or service offered in the national territory.
  7. Payment of 250 balboas in favor of the National Immigration Service.

Please keep in mind that all documents issued abroad must be apostilled.

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