Education Insurance Tax in Panama


Understanding the corresponding legal deductions to payroll in Panama allows the employee to comprehensively value their work and appreciate their positive contribution to the country’s development. There are different types of contributions, and the education insurance tax is one of them. This tax contributes to the proper function and development of the country ‘ s public education system.

Percentages to be paid

Employers are required to retain 1.25 percent from an employee’s salary and add 1.50 percent on top of that.

Self-employed workers are required to pay the full 2.75 percent of their taxable income each year.

Who has to pay

Employers and employees are obliged to pay this tax. It also applies to taxpayers who are not residents of Panama but who provide services in the country.

Payment methods

This tax is paid monthly to the Social Insurance administration, along with social insurance contributions and income taxes.

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