Pro Bono Program in Panama


Kraemer & Kraemer strives to be an agent of positive change in our society and contribute to improve our country. For this reason, we have long run a Pro-Bono Program, making our time available to sectors with a specific profile for community service.


The first profile in this program includes organizations, associations, foundations, churches, mission groups, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), among others. Kraemer & Kramer helps these recipients complete the registration process while the recipient pays only for Government related costs.

We are also proud to support Panamanian law students who require the help of a law firm to obtain their practice license. They are the future attorneys of our country, and we want to plant in them the seed of generosity, so they can bear the same fruit in our community.

Our Pro-Bono program devotes a fixed number of monthly hours to these cases. We select new recipients based on urgency, priority, and candidate situation. Like all our clients, our pro-bono recipients can be assured they will receive the highest quality and professional service.

Contact us

Contact us if you or your organization meets the profile of our Pro-Bono program, and we will be glad to evaluate your case.