Litigation in Panama


A litigation process is a dispute or confrontation in which the parties involved defend their position. Examples of this are divorce, inheritance, or lawsuits in which the two parties have not been able to reach an agreement and a judge must reach a solution through a judgment.

The elements are:

  • The parties involved, which may be natural or legal persons.
  • Conflict between both parties.
  • Conflicting interests.
  • The competent authority that issues the sentence.

Key Aspects of the Panama Litigation Process

  • The process begins with the filing of a lawsuit. Once the lawsuit is admitted, the court will arrange for a personal notification to the defendant.
  • In case the defendant is a corporation, such notice will be served through a legal representative.
  • The defendant must respond to the complaint within 10 days.
  • Depending on the dispute, it may go to criminal, civil, contentious-administrative, and labor trials.

Legal Proceedings

Kraemer & Kraemer can represent and defend individuals and corporations in various litigation-related legal proceedings. The team has the necessary experience to provide the appropriate legal advice and assistance in order to achieve an effective resolution.

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