Mergers and Acquisitions in Panama


Nowadays, two of the most frequent strategies to grow and become more competitive are mergers and acquisitions.

A merger takes place when two companies join efforts in a single, bigger entity. An acquisition happens when one company buys all or a controlling part of another.

Kraemer and Kraemer has the experience you need in the process of a merger or an aquicistion. We guide and and assist our clients from the initial conversations all the way to closure and post-closure activities.

Our consulting services includes:

  • Legal transaction structure
  • Due diligence reports, researching the target entity and its partners
  • Negotiate and draft documents such as:
    • Agreement of intention
    • Memorandum of understanding
    • Non-disclosure agreement
    • Purchase-sale contracts, whether of assets or shares
    • Pacts between partners or shareholders
    • Collateral agreements and financing agreements

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