Business Corporations in Panama


The Kraemer & Kraemer has the knowledge and experience to assist you, whether you want to create a corporation, obtain a business license, register a trademark, and more.

In this section we focus on the different types of corporations in Panama as well as some benefits of each one. Our team is ready to guide you through the process taking into account your circumstances.

Business highlights

  • Panama offers currency stability thanks to the use of the dollar.
  • Panama is known for being an International Center for trade, finance, and banking services
  • Panama is considered one of the leading jurisdictions to set up an offshore corporation.
  • Panama’s economy is one of the most competitive in Latin America.
  • It has a pro-business atmosphere that draws international investment from many multinationals such as LG, Boeing, McKinsey & Company Inc., Visa, Nike, Dell, Procter & Gamble, and more.
  • You can choose from three types of business ownership: sole membership, corporation, and partnership.

Other business services

Our team can also help you obtain a business license, register and protect a trademark, as well as provide assistance with draft, review, and negotiation of various types of contracts between your Panamanian business and your domestic Panamanian or international suppliers, customers and business partners.

Special economic zones

Panama has laws and regulations that allow companies to establish operations in special areas which provide many unique fiscal, migratory, and labor incentives, also known as special regimes or special economic zones.

The multiple unique benefits such as attractive tax incentives, import duty exemptions, along with world-class infrastructure, make Panama an attractive jurisdiction for businesses and investors.

Learn more about each of them here.

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