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Kraemer & Kraemer specializes in Panama offshore legal services for personal and corporate clients. Our areas of expertise include entity incorporation (IBC, LLC, PIF), business (trademark registration and tax residence certificate) and immigration packages (reforestation visa, private income retiree visa, self-solvency visa, friendly nations visa, and more).

Panama offshore entities (IBC, LLC or PIF) provide benefits to those interested in estate planning, or those interested in tax-efficient legal structures to carry out business anywhere in the world. Benefits include an incorporation process that can be completed from abroad, protection of personal privacy, and affordable maintenance costs.

The Panama canal and the Colon free zone have transformed Panama in a strategic hub for trademark registration, particularly useful for those seeking to protect brands and intellectual property. Furthermore, Panama tax residence certificates have become increasingly popular among those who want to manage their tax burden while leaving in multiple jurisdictions.

Finally, Panama provides many options to foreigners interested in permanent residence, whether to relocate, to become snow birds, or to have a backup plan due to circumstances in their country of origin. These immigration programs have a path to citizenship, and the Private Income Retiree Visa is popular because it provides an expedite process to obtain a Special Panamanian Passport.

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With more than 10 years of experience, our clients benefit from the service of our lawyers, seasoned specialists in Panama offshore legal services. Whether you are interested in offshore entities, trademark registrations, tax residence certificates, or immigration options, our Panama lawyers are ready to assist you.

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