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Our firm has handled hundreds of real estate transactions, and in some cases, escrow services are required to secure a timely deed transfer.

An Escrow service through your law firm comes in hand when the party releasing the funds in a transaction needs the assurance of the execution of the agreed deal, prior to releasing such funds; and on the other hand, the party receiving said funds needs to have the assurance of the existence and availability of the funds along with its proper disbursement when due.

Our escrow service can be provided for either Fiat transactions as well as for transactions in crypto currency (non-regulated), for which our office can coordinate with local or international licensed providers.

Please notice that Escrow services in Panama are regulated by Law 1 of 1984 and Law 21 of 2017, and if the funds are to be held in Panama only licensed* trust local agencies can legally provide it. Learn More


  • Convenient for urgent real estate or business transactions
  • Reliable and fast service
  • Peace of mind for securing a business transaction

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*Kraemer & Kraemer does not hold a trust license in Panama.

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