Taxes on Real Estate Sales in Panama

The sale of a real estate property in Panama results in the payment of taxes. The Panamanian law requires the payment of the following taxes upon a real estate transaction closure:

Real estate transfer tax

The Real Estate Transfer Tax is assessed at 2% of the registered cadastral value or the sale price, whichever is higher. This tax must be paid by the seller at the time of closing.

Capital gains tax on the sale of real estate

When selling a property, the seller has two options to calculate capital gains taxes on the sale of real estate:

  1. Pay 10% off the taxable base, where the taxable base is calculated as the difference between purchase and sale value.
  2. Pay 3% off the taxable base, where the taxable base is the sale value or cadastral value, whichever is higher.

Keep in mind that:

  • The sale value is the agreed sale price between the parties.
  • The cadastral value is the value in ANATI / public registry.

Back taxes on real estate

It is common for real estate owners in Panama to only pay property taxes at the time of sale. However, this means that the seller must not only pay all the back property taxes, but also all accumulated fines. Otherwise, the real estate property cannot be sold.

Real estate taxes in Panama are usually low, and it is recommended to keep property tax payments up to date to avoid surcharges when selling.

How to pay these taxes

All the mentioned taxes are paid through the DGI’s eTax platform and are the responsibility of the seller. Also, it is necessary to present an eTax certificate for each of them before transferring the property title in the Panama public registry.

The back taxes on real estate must be paid off first. As a result, eTax issues a clearance certificate. In Panama, property taxes are collected every quarter, so this clearance certificate is valid only until the end of the on-going quarter.

Next, eTax enables the forms for the payment of the Real Estate Transfer Tax and the Capital Gains Tax. Once each form is completed and payment is completed, eTax issues a certificate of receipt for each of them.

These two certificates, along with the payment receipts, and the property tax clearance, are necessary for the process of transferring the property title in the public registry.

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