Patrimonial Planning in Panama


Patrimonial planning is the process of making arrangements for the management and distribution of assets after death. It is also a legal strategy that can be used to protect assets from creditors, lawsuits, and government agencies.

Asset protection strategies are especially important for seniors. Their lifetime accumulation of assets puts them at greater risk of potential loss. Age can also make them more vulnerable to litigation or asset seizure, underscoring the need for robust financial protection.


It can offer numerous advantages for seniors, which include:

  • Protection from creditors: Strategic asset allocation can help protect seniors’ assets from potential creditors. Methods such as establishing trusts or other legally protected entities can be used effectively.
  • Litigation Shield: Effective asset allocation strategies can serve as a shield against potential lawsuits. Tools such as trusts or other protected entities can be used to this end.
  • Government interference shield: Asset allocation techniques can protect seniors’ assets from unnecessary intrusion by government agencies. Approaches such as establishing trusts or other protected entities can be beneficial.

Types of Asset Structuring Strategies

  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Living trusts
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Annuities
  • Life insurance
  • Panama Structures (IBC, PIF ..)
  • International Offshore Options

While the strategies mentioned here are those that are primarily applied to the subject at hand, you can visit our Asset protection page to see the wide repertoire of methods that Kraemer & Kraemer has at its disposal for your specific needs.

How to choose the right Strategy

Factors to consider

There are several factors to take into account when selecting a strategy. These include:

  • Goals: What are your desired outcomes from your document planning and wealth management? Do you want to protect your assets from creditors? Do you seek to ensure that your assets can cover your healthcare expenses? Are you interested in minimizing estate taxes?
  • Risk tolerance: How much risk are you comfortable assuming in relation to your assets? Some strategies involve more risk than others.
  • Budget: Planning strategies can be expensive. It is crucial to incorporate the financial implications of these strategies into your decision-making process.
  • Family situation: If you have children or grandchildren, you may wish to consider strategies that safeguard your assets for their benefit.

Patrimonial Planning Costs

The cost associated with patrimonial management can vary depending on individual circumstances. Nevertheless, this process can generally offer a cost-efficient means of safeguarding your assets and ensuring they are utilized according to your preferences.

Here are some of the factors that can affect the cost:

  • Complexity of your situation: The more complex your situation, the more time and effort it will take to develop a patrimonial strategy. This may lead to higher costs.
  • Type of assets: Certain assets, such as real estate holdings, may present greater challenges in terms of protection. This can also impact the overall cost of implementation.
  • The services you need: Some strategies require the use of specialized services, such as trusts or asset protection trusts. These services can entail additional expenses.

If you are considering having one, it is important to factor the cost into your decision-making process. However, it is crucial to recognize that the cost of these services can be offset by the benefits derived from protecting your assets.

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Patrimonial planning can be a complex and important decision for expats. It involves careful consideration of various factors, and the most suitable approach will ultimately depend on your unique circumstances. Collaborating with a Patrimonial and Medical Law attorney can provide valuable guidance in evaluating your requirements and formulating a personalized plan that aligns with your goals.

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