Labor Law in Panama


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Panama labor law highlights

  • In Panama, “employment” is defined by the circumstances of whether the person is subordinate or dependent economically on his/her employer.
  • The Ministry of Labor and Labor Development (MITRADEL) is in charge of overseeing all labor-related matters in Panama.
  • It is recommended to have a written contract: Although Panamanians can be hired without a written contract, it is not recommended because in case of a dispute, under Panama’s labor law the employee’s version of events will be presumed correct unless the employer can prove otherwise with solid proof.
  • Depending on the location and type of job, Panama’s minimum wage is around $2 USD per hour.
  • In Panama, 8 hours is the maximum amount of time for a day shift, while for a night time worker is 7 hours.
  • Wages can be subjected to income tax, social security tax, and an education fund.
  • There is a bonus known as the “13th month” which is one month’s wages annually for employers.

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