About the Visa for Dependents of Panamanian Residents

Under Panamanian Law, a citizen, permanent resident, or temporary resident for two (2) or more years may request residence for dependents, defined as foreign spouse, children under 18 year of age, relatives with disability, or parents.

Dependent children between the ages of 18 and 25 may qualify for this Visa, provided that they are full time students and under economic dependence of the Panamanian resident.

The requirements include:

  1. Notarized Power of Attorney and Application.
  2. Three (3) photographs.
  3. Notarized passport copy.
  4. Criminal Background Check.
  5. Certificate of good health.
  6. Certified Check for USD $250 in favor of the National Treasury.
  7. Certified Check for USD $800.00 in favor of the National Immigration Service.
  8. Affidavit Form of Personal Background from the Panamanian resident.
  9. Notarized letter of responsibility from the Panamanian resident.
  10. Proof of kinship, such as Marriage Certificate (valid only for 6 months) or Birth Certificate (valid only for 6 months)
  11. If the applicant is between 18 and 25 years old:
    1. Certificate of an educational center of his status as a full-time student.
    2. Sworn declaration of singleness
  12. Proof of economic solvency, may be accredited by one of the following
    1. Income taxes, with paz y salvo, showing a minimum income of USD $1,000 monthly, plus USD $100.00 per dependent.
    2. Work reference letter with its corresponding tab from CSS, and copy of the work permit.
    3. Bank reference letter, with a balance of no less than four average figures.

Once the application is approved, the National Immigration Service provides a temporary residence ID valid for 6 months, followed by a provisional residence ID valid for 2 years, with the option to apply for permanent residence afterwards.

The application for permanent residence requires the same documentation listed above, except for the criminal background check and the checks for the National Treasury and the National Immigration Service.

If the dependent child is adopted, the following documentation is also required:

  1. Letter of responsibility from the adopting parent.
  2. Birth Certificate (valid only for 6 months) from the Panama Civil Registry.
  3. Authenticated copy of adoption approval.
  4. Copy of foreign id from the adopted applicant.

If you are in the process of requesting and collecting the requirements to apply for a Residency Visa in Panama, please Contact Us and we will gladly provide you with personalized attention.

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