Land Segregation and Subdivision in Panama


Land segregation is the division or subdivision of a piece of land with the purpose of alienating, transferring, negotiating, distributing, exploiting, or using it in separate ways.

There are different types of land you can segregate such as lots, municipal lots, and farm lots; each with different requirements. However, these are some of the general requirements for land segregation:

  • Obtain Paz y Salvo from the Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales (National Water and Sewer Institute).
  • Paz y Salvo of the real estate from the public registry.
  • Plans approved by the General Directorate of Cadastre and the Housing Ministry.

Process and entities involved in land segregation

Land segregation in Panama goes through an approval process with the Ministry of Housing and Land Management (MIVIOT) and the National Land Administration Authority (ANATI), which will require you to present the blueprints with the new dimensions of the lot you desire to segregate.

Once you have all the required approvals and a notarized segregation decision by the owner, you can file the application for registration with the Public Registry.

Simple and urbanization segregations

There are two types of segregations processes in Panama, simple and urbanization.

The simple segregation process seeks to give the necessary approval for the segregation of land, as well as to review the blueprints at the registration stage and verify that they match with the submitted property blueprints.

The urbanization segregation process grants the necessary approval for the segregation of properties and reviews the plans at the registration stage and verifies that they match the plans submitted for the development at the approval stage.

Both processes verify that the owner or developer of the land has complied with the necessary requirements to proceed with the registration of the lots in the Panama Public Registry.

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