Panamanian Citizenship by Birth


According to article 9 of the Political Constitution of Panama, the following are Panamanians by birth:

  1. Those born in the national territory.
  2. The children of a Panamanian father or mother by birth born outside the territory of the Republic, if they establish their domicile in the national territory.
  3. The children of a Panamanian father or mother by naturalization born outside the national territory, if they establish their domicile in the Republic of Panama and express their will to become Panamanian nationals at the latest one year after their majority.

The Panamanian nationality of origin or acquired by birth is not lost, but the express or tacit renunciation of it will suspend the citizenship.

Process and requirements

The requirements to apply for registration to grant Panamanian citizenship by birth are:

  • Authenticated or apostilled original Birth Certificate, issued by the Civil Registry Office or entity located in the place where the birth occurred. Said authenticated certificate must be countersigned or validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Panama.
  • Sworn declaration made by the parent of Panamanian nationality, before a public notary of the Republic of Panama.
  • Certificate of residency, issued in the name of the parent of Panamanian nationality.
  • Photocopy of National ID (cedula) or passport of the Panamanian parent, and photocopy of the passport of the foreign parent.
  • The birth registration process can be carried out by either parent or grandparent without the need for any authorization.
  • If the registration is requested through a legal representative, a notarized power of attorney and an application must be submitted.
  • When applications are submitted for registration of several siblings, additional photocopies of the documents common to these siblings must be submitted.

Entities such as the Ministry of Government and Justice, Ministry of Public Services, Electoral Tribunal, Governor’s Office, and Presidency will review the application, and may require additional documentation, which may delay the process for internal reasons.

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