Travelling With Minors To and From Panama

Whether you are coming to the country as a tourist or to become a permanent resident, you may need the following information if you are traveling with minors to Panama.

While traveling with minors, you must ensure to keep their apostilled/authenticated birth certificates at hand for border control, both in the country of departure as well as in your arrival in Panama.

There are some documents you must have to travel with a minor.

In case you are traveling with minors without one or both of their biological parents, you must have copies of a recently issued and apostilled/authenticated permission letter from the biological parent/s, along with an apostilled/authenticated passport copy of the parent/s.

There are some documents you must have to travel with a minor.

Traveling With Minors Once A Temporary or Permanent Panamanian Resident

Minors who are Panamanian citizens or legal residents require both parents’ identification, as well as the apostilled/authenticated birth certificate, plus a notarized consent in Spanish if not accompanied by either or both parents.

Please note that Kraemer & Kraemer will provide you with a copy of the translations if you work your residency application through our law firm.

Additionally, you must obtain a notarized letter from immigration granting permission to travel with the child when the child does not travel with both of his biological parents.

Follow these steps to obtain a notarized letter from immigration.

  • Visit Panama’s Immigration website
  • Click the family icon (Permiso de Menores)
  • Upload your child’s apostilled birth certificate along with the translation
  • Print letter
  • Notarize the letter at a local notary in Panama

We hope the information above helps you to plan accordingly for your next visit to Panama. Send us a note to and our team will be glad to answer your questions.

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Published July 8th, 2020, as Commentary on Immigration by Johana Sum