Law 37 of 2018 establishes school expenses as deductible in Panama.

Law 37 of 2018 makes different amendments to the Tax Code to include school expenses as deductible.

Numeral 9 was added to Article 709 of the Tax Code indicating that deductible school expenses include school tuition and monthly school fees, supplies, uniforms, and school transportation. Deductible expenses will be with respect to the first and second level of education. Likewise, they will be deductible with respect to the third level of higher education of the taxpayer’s adult dependents.

The maximum annual deduction can be 3,600 balboas for each dependent.

Parents with children who present some degree of disability that implies reduced mobility will be entitled to the deduction of the total expenses.

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Law 37 of 2018

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Published June 6th, 2018, as Laws on Tax by Johana Sum