Law 22 of 2006, which regulates public procurement in Panama

This Law establishes the standards, rules, and basic principles that will govern contractor selection procedures and public contracts made by the Central Government, autonomous and semi-autonomous entities, municipalities, communal boards, financial intermediaries, and corporations in which the State owns 51% or more of their shares or equity, as well as those made with public funds or national assets for:

  1. The acquisition or leasing of assets by the State.
  2. The execution of public works.
  3. The disposition of State property, including the lease thereof.
  4. The rendering of services.
  5. The operation or administration of assets.
  6. Concessions or any other contract not regulated by special law.

The law has modifications approved by Law 153 of May 8, 2020, to modernize the State’s procurement and contract processes, guaranteeing greater transparency and efficiency in the development and execution of public works in the country.

Among the modifications are advancing in the standardization of all documents used in the procurement processes carried out by the Public Procurement Directorate of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. An Integrity Manual has also been added, to be subscribed by all parties involved in the contractor selection process.

To read the Single Text of Law 22 of June 27, 2006, which regulates public procurement, ordered by Law 61 of 2017 and its amendments see here:

Law 22 of June 27, 2006

Published May 10th, 2020, as Laws on by Johana Sum