Executive Decree 142 of 2021 on responsibilities of Boards of Directors of Horizontal Properties

On July 9, 2021, Executive Decree 142 was extended to regulate Law 226 for the purpose of regulating the design and building standards in Panama.

This law also defines the responsibilities of the Boards of Directors of Horizontal Properties, owners, and inhabitants of the property. The responsibilities include the maintenance of the windows, roofs, coatings, access ramps, evacuation routes, stairs, and railings.

Responsibilities also include the maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems and equipment, elevators or escalators, swimming pool equipment, fire detection and alarm systems, air conditioners, among others.

This decree is aimed at designers, builders, officials of entities that are part of the Single Window of the Municipalities, and the Panamanian Fire Department that participate in the process of review, registration, and permits or certifications of design, buildings and constructions.

The decree also includes the following responsibilities for the board of directors:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Design review
  • Review of permits or certifications
  • Construction drawings registration
  • Registration of construction permits and certifications
  • Registration of permits and certificates of occupancy
  • Construction site maintenance

To read the full text of Executive Decree 142 click here.

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Published July 12th, 2021, as Laws on Real Estate by Johana Sum