Resolution 23373 of 2014 that creates the Migration Fast Pass in Panama.

Resolution 23373 of July 30, 2014 initiated the Migration Fast Pass program of the Ministry of Public Security through the National Immigration Service with the purpose of expediting the immigration entry of all Panamanians.

Those who wish to join this program must have Panamanian nationality, and apply at the offices of the National Immigration Service.

The Panamanians within the program have the benefit for a period of 5 years, renewable, as long as they request it.

The entry to the country of Panamanians who are within the program will be through automated terminals within the Tocumen International Airport guaranteeing the migratory process in an expeditious manner.

To read the full Resolution 23373 of 2014, view here

Resolution 23373 of 2014

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Published August 1st, 2014, as Laws on Immigration by Johana Sum