Panama Residency options for those who marry a Panamanian

Panama offers several immigration programs, such as the Married to a Panamanian Visa. In the following article, we will discuss the immigration opportunities available to those who are married to a Panamanian.

Married to a Panamanian Visa

The Married with Panamanian Visa is the most common option. This program is designed for foreigners who marry a Panamanian and live with that person in stability and continuity. Requirements include a marriage certificate and a copy of the Panamanian partner’s ID.

This immigration program is divided in two phases. Phase one grants a provisional residency for two years. After those two years, the applicant can apply for permanent residency.

Holders of a married-to-a-Panamanian visa are eligible to apply for a work permit, which allows the foreigner to work in any Panamanian company with no need for other government permits.

As a Panamanian resident and worker, the foreigner can contribute to the Panamanian social security and apply for a tax resident certificate to avoid double taxation from his country of origin.

Other Panama Immigration Programs to consider

Friendly Nations Visa:

The program offers multiple benefits: eligibility for a work permit, the ability to maintain residency with limited time spent in the country, and a path to Panamanian citizenship. However, this program is only open to a limited number of 50 nations, and comes with investment requirements.

Retirees & Pensioner Visa:

Unlike the Friendly Nations Visa, the Pensionado program is open to all nationalities. With a pension granted for life of at least $1, 000 per month, it is possible to apply for permanent residency in Panama. Holders of a Pensionado Visa can apply for a work permit once they have acquired their Panamanian Cedula or after 10 years with their permanent residency card.

Compared to other immigration programs, you don’t require an investment and the wait time for permanent residency is usually 6 months or less. This visa also provides discounts for movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, concerts, domestic airlines, and other products or services.

Self-Solvency Visa:

Available to all nationalities. This program also requires investments to qualify for the provisional residency and afterwards permanent residency. Among the benefits of this visa are a path for citizenship. The applicant can also obtain a work permit and enjoy the same benefits as Panamanians in banks, businesses, and government entities. As a permanent resident of Panama, the applicant can also request the certification of fiscal residence to avoid double taxation with his country of origin.

Qualified Investor Visa:

The main advantage of this immigration program is that it is also open to all nationalities and grants permanent residency in Panama in a minimum of 30 days. To keep the permanent residence, it is only necessary to maintain such investment for at least five years and to visit Panama at least once every 24 months (according to current regulations).

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Published August 31st, 2022, as Commentary on Immigration by Johana Sum