Panama Law 33 of June 2010

Panama Law 33 of June 2010 is a legislation that adds a chapter to the Panamanian Tax Code. This chapter focuses on the rules of compliance with international treaties or agreements to prevent double taxation. The primary objective of this law is to regulate and establish the necessary measures to ensure that Panamanian taxpayers meet their tax obligations derived from the international treaties or agreements that Panama has signed.

Law 33 aims to promote transparency and international cooperation in tax matters, encouraging the proper application of double taxation agreements. These agreements aim to prevent individuals or entities from being taxed twice for the same concept in different countries, thus promoting foreign investment and trade.

In addition to the provisions related to double taxation, Law 33 also includes other tax measures aimed at improving tax collection and the efficiency of the Panamanian tax system. These measures may include aspects such as updating tax declaration and payment procedures, streamlining processes, and implementing technological tools to facilitate tax management.

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Download Panama Law 33 of June 2010 (in spanish):

Panama Law 33 of June 2010

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