Law 62 of October 2012 that adopts provisions in the trade promotion treaty subscribed between Panama and the United States.

The Trade Promotion Agreement was approved on July 11, 2007. This treaty is a global free trade agreement that provides for the elimination of tariffs and barriers to different services.

Law 62 adds content to different articles including objection terms for requests of new products covered by the Trade Promotion Treaty signed between Panama and the United States.

Likewise, special conditions are added for the publication of calls and appeals applicable to contracts covered by the Treaty.

Article 5 of the law establishes the suitability of products covered by the treaty to guarantee the right of consumers and users to receive all the information about the product or service offered.

For more details on the changes to the treaty see here.

Law 62

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Published October 10th, 2012, as Laws on Other by Johana Sum