Law 6 of 2006 on territorial planning for urban development in Panama.

Territorial planning for urban development organizes the use and occupation of the national territory and urban centers.

The law determines that the municipalities are local urban planning authorities and gives them the authority to prepare, approve, modify and execute local and partial plans for the territorial planning of their jurisdiction.

It also ensures the growth of populated centers and provides their inhabitants with universal accessibility and a better quality of life within their geographical environment and throughout the national territory.

Article 24 of Law 6 explains the different infractions to the law and its sanctions. The Ministry of Housing and Land Management (MIVIOT) issued regulations enforced in this law to prevent fraud in advertising in the Construction Industry.

The law penalizes with fines equivalent to 1% of the estimated value of the project to the owner, or builder, or responsible professional and/or any natural person who promotes the sale of land, subdivision, or urbanization without having the approval of the preliminary draft of the plan from the competent Urban Development Authority.

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Law 6 of 2006

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Published February 15th, 2006, as Laws on by Johana Sum