Executive Decree 612 on the family reunification of Venezuelans and the promotion of shopping tourism

On October 23, 2018, the Office of Humanitarian Affairs was created to allow Venezuelan residents to apply for family reunification. Through this office, the Venezuelan resident may apply for a visa stamped through the Panamanian Consulate for family reunification within the fourth degree of consanguinity and second degree of affinity.

Likewise, Cuban citizens whose intention is to enter Panama to make purchases and visits may apply for a Tourist Card at the Panamanian Consulate in Havana, Cuba.

This Tourist Card costs US$20 and allows only one entry to Panama for 30 days. It will be given to Cubans who have a self-account card, a creators’ certificate or who can prove that they have traveled to Panama or some other country before.

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Published December 9th, 2019, as Laws on Immigration by Johana Sum