Carlos Quintero

Offshore Associate

Atty. Carlos Eduardo Quintero Valdés is a skilled legal professional with expertise in corporate, labor, family, and immigration law. Born in David, Chiriquí, Carlos attended Instituto Episcopal San Cristobal for his early education and then studied at the Universidad Nacional de Panamá. There, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sciences and Letters with a focus on Computer Science, a Degree in Law and Political Science, and received certifications in Family Law and Labor Law.

Carlos began his legal career at Kraemer & Kraemer as an intern and assistant in the immigration department. Moving forward, Carlos transitioned from a rotating legal assistant to a specialized role in Offshore matters, quickly climbing the ranks thanks to his dedication and skill.

Currently, Carlos serves in two key roles, demonstrating exceptional leadership and expertise as the Corporate-Offshore Associate at Kraemer & Kraemer and as the Head Corporate Officer and Customer Relationship Manager at St Vincent Trust & Escrow (SVTE), where his contributions are key to both firms’ success.

His journey from an intern to a respected professional in the legal field demonstrates his commitment to excellence and continuous professional development. At Kraemer & Kraemer, his innovative strategies and dedication have made him an indispensable member, greatly influencing the firm’s growth and positioning in the legal industry.