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Kraemer & Kraemer provides expert guidance on helping people make informed decisions in the areas of Panamanian Business, Tax, Real Estate, and Immigration Law. For that reason, we frequently host webinars to discuss topics relevant to those considering Panama for investment opportunities or as a second home.

Our webinars are TOTALLY FREE and feature one of our Senior Lawyers. They usually run for 1 hour split in a 30-minute presentation followed by a 30-minute question and answer (Q&A) section, where you can ask questions for your specific circumstances.

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Upcoming Webinars

The ABC of Real Estate Transactions in Panama

This FREE webinar provides an overview of Panama’s real estate market. Whether you’re a local looking to buy property or an expat trying to invest, we cover the key aspects of property transactions, legal regulations, and potential investment opportunities so you can gain the knowledge needed to confidently engage in Panama’s real estate sector.

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Panamanian Structures 101

The different corporations in Panama, including IBCs, LLCs, and PIFs, provide unique advantages for businesses and investors alike. Our FREE webinar will guide you through understanding their key features, benefits, and the legal processes involved in establishing them.

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Understanding Panama Residency Options for Investors

Panama offers several standout residency programs, including the Friendly Nations Visa, Reforestation Visa, and Panama Self Solvency Visa. Our FREE webinar covers the essential details from requirements to benefits, guiding you through the decision-making process.

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Panama Residency by Investment Options

Panama has multiple immigration programs that grant provisional and/or permanent residency if the applicant makes a qualified investment. Learn more about the available options in this FREE webinar.

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Offshore Structures, Asset Protection and Tax Implications

Obtain valuable insights on offshore structures, asset protection, and tax implications. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or someone exploring offshore opportunities, this webinar will be very useful. Join us on this exceptional opportunity to empower your financial literacy and offshore journey in this FREE webinar.

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Estate Planning in Panama

Protect your legacy with our comprehensive estate planning packages. Take the first step towards financial peace of mind and secure a solid future for you and your loved ones. Join us to learn more about the Estate Planning Packages in Panama in this FREE webinar.

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Retirees and Pensioners Visa

The most popular immigration programs for retirees and pensioners, this program provides Permanent Residency to the main applicant and his/her dependents in 6 months or less, with very simple requirements. Join our team to review requirements, process, costs and more.

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Panama Friendly Nations Visa

This immigration program first grants a provisional residency permit, for 2 years, before applying for and obtaining a permanent residency permit. Learn more about the myths and truths of this popular immigration program.

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Success Stories

We are celebrating more than 13 years serving the expat community in Panama, and we are very honored with the success stories from our clients.

We commit to Experience, Trust and Excellence in every engagement.