Property Improvements Exemption

Article 81 of Law 6 of February 2nd 2005, modified by Law 28 of May 8th 2012, mandates that the improvements with construction permit issued from Jan. 1st 2012 and on, shall be exonerated from annual property tax.

But in order for that to apply, the home owner needs to follow some mandatory legal procedures first. Our law firm can assist our clients in obtaining all the requirements and applying for the Property Improvements Exemption.

Residential Improvements qualifiers:

  • (20 yrs) – Up to B/.120,000
  • (10 yrs) – More than B/.120,000 Up to B/.300,000
  • ( 5 yrs) – More than B/.300,000

Property Improvement Declaration

In order to qualify for the property tax exemption on the improvements, they need to be declared in a public deed, duly registered at the Public Registry office. Our firm has solid experience processing such documentation, so feel free to Contact Us for a quote.

Other Services

  • Agricultural Property Exemption
  • Property Transfer Exemption by Donation
  • Tax Residence Certificate

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