About Panama IBC Corporations

Law 32 of February 26th, 1927 created the International Business Corporations (IBC) in Panama, leading it to be one of the most popular legal entities for Asset Protection in the world.

Basically, the Panamanian IBC (or S.A. for Anonymous Society in Spanish) is a “Shares Company”, whose shares can be issued either nominative or to the bearer, being this last option the one that gives this entity its quality of anonymity.

Among its benefits are that there are no requirement of publicly disclosing the shareholders; and that the shareholders assets are legally separated from the company’s assets.

Nowadays though, with the new international banking regulations, if the corporation is holding a bank account, it is mandatory to disclose the corporation’s shareholders information to the bank, or even to have the shares issued nominative instead of to the bearer.


  • Shareholders’ personal assets are protected from Corporation’s liabilities, and vice versa
  • It has a legal identity for business and civil acts
  • Minimum capital of USD $10,000.00 is not required to be paid up front
  • Accounting books and corporate meetings can be held anywhere in the world
  • Minimum 3 board members are required
  • Shares can be issued nominative or to the bearer
  • Excellent legal instrument for asset protection, either real estate, banking or brokerage worldwide
  • Excellent for new or on going businesses

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