Obtain a Personalized Cost Estimate for Reforestation Visa

  • A Cost Estimate always assumes 1 Main Applicant.

    Please specify the number of dependents to include in your estimate:

  • The government cost for children under 12 years old are lower.
  • Any foreigner who wants to apply to a Self-Solvency Visa has to invest a minimum of three hundred thousand dollars (US $300,000). Choose one of the options below:
  • Does anybody in the application intend to obtain a Work Permit in Panama?
  • You need a minimum investment of USD $ 80,000 in an approved reforestation project that covers a minimum of 5 hectares of land to apply for this visa. You will need to provide an Evidence of Forest Investment valued at USD $ 800. You need an additional USD $ 2,000 in reforestation investment per dependent.